The Inside Story: Behind the Scenes at Andy’s Automotive

Based on the comparison of the h2 headings from the top ranking pages for the keyword “andy’s automotive”, I would recommend creating a landing page instead of a blog post.

The main reasons are:

  1. Comprehensiveness: The h2 headings from the top pages cover a wide range of services, vehicle types, and other relevant information about an automotive repair shop like Andy’s Automotive. A landing page would allow you to comprehensively present all this information in an organized manner.

  2. Keyword Targeting: Most of the h2s directly mention “Andy’s Automotive” or are highly relevant to an automotive repair service business. A landing page optimized for this keyword would be more effective than trying to target it repeatedly through blog posts.

  3. Commercial Intent: The keyword “andy’s automotive” has more commercial/transactional intent from users looking to get auto repair services.

  4. Supporting Content: While a few of the h2s like “Service Videos” could translate to blog posts, most headings indicate the need for static content you’d typically find on a website’s service page rather than a blog.

A well-designed landing page hitting all the main h2 topic buckets like services offered, service areas, vehicle types handled, reviews/testimonials etc. would likely be more effective for visibility and conversions for this keyword. Blog posts could complement it by covering specific services, DIY tips etc. in more depth.

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